Heating / Cooling


Xparity with the Home Automation creates complete heating and cooling automation solutions that offer comfort, convenience and help to save energy.

Thermal zones: the house divided into thermal zones. Each can be controlled separately and have separate temperature. In this way maximized comfort in every area we have the desired temperature but also achieves economy as each room is heated or cooled independently (e.g. different heating needs of kitchen and bedroom a different Northern).

Scenarios: Check centrally and intelligently heat creating programmable heating and cooling scenarios (morning, evening, winter, summer, absence etc). Put the heating and cooling to participate in the remaining automation scenarios (e.g. adjusting lights and rolls suitable for a romantic dinner you can simultaneously be set automatically and the temperature at the desired level).

Remote control: Return your home a warm summer day? With the Xparity Home Automation open air conditioning in your home from your mobile phone a quarter before arriving to a cool environment. Corresponding open remote heating in your home from your mobile phone on a cold winter day. You turn from your work tired and sweaty and you wish once you arrive in your home a hot bath? Turn on the water heater remote before you leave your Office and will wait for hot water just spin!

Support: Supported all heating and cooling systems (underfloor, fancoil units, vrv, accumulators etc). Additional systems can cooperate with each other in order to achieve the desired result. E.g. in a facility where there is underfloor air-conditioning system, air conditioning can automatically helps the floor (which has great inertia) until the temperature of the area to reach the desired and then automatically shuts off.