Whether your music is music CD or in MP3 format on your computer, with the Xparity Digital Entertainment acquires life and moved to the heart of your digital entertainment by upgrading your experience through your TV.

Organize your music collection easily and view the San a "table music" on your TV with the covers of your disks to fill the screen. Using your remote control selecting the songs of your choice, press Play and enjoy your favorite music.

Transfer your music CD into Home Server by pressing a few buttons on your remote control, automatically add album art, categorize your music by genre, year, artist, composer and build playlists with your favourite tracks for easy access to appropriate hymns depending on your mood.

Get access to your music collection from all the rooms of your home and activate the service Xparity FollowMe Music so the music to follow you wherever you go. Quickly and easily transfer your favorite songs in your MR3ofwno (iPod, Zune, etc) or build with the push of a few buttons on the remote control for your CD drive.