Alarm Systems


The Xparity offers alarm solutions both for individuals and for businesses. Available a wide range of solutions which can outweigh any need.

Alarm systems of Xparity offer:

01. door and window breach Detectors
02. motion Detectors/sensors (pet models are available free)
03. flood Detectors
04. smoke detectors
05. Crystal breakage Detectors
06. temperature and humidity Sensors
07. indoor & outdoor sirens
08. phone call & connection with Reception Center
09. GSM Units for telephone notice in case there is no fixed line
10. gas detectors
11. Keyboards
12. ability to create zones and partitions
13. ability to secure computer interface
14. remote control Capability

Alarm systems of Xparity can be placed both in installations where there is the necessary wiring and installations that do not have any wiring. The latter is achieved through wireless sensors and components.

Alarm systems of Xparity can be interconnected and integrated fully in home digital entertainment platforms and automation of Xparity. So you have the ability from the comfort of your couch and through your TV you can check but also to fully handle your alarm system. Finally through interfacing with the digital entertainment platform allowing remote control of the alarm by mobile phone.