Home Server


The Home Server is the host of Xparity Digital Entertainment, where it is stored safely digital content so that it is available to all devices – Media PCs in the House. This is a machine which is extremely durable and designed to provide high reliability, scalability and durability in continuous operation and high work load which is called upon to perform. The installation can be done anywhere in the home – either to hide in a room (e.g. storeroom, closet) either be installed in a clear a space for easy access and high aesthetics of enables even this.
The role of the Xparity Digital Entertainment is to store, share and protect your digital content. Is designed so that you can store more than 10 TB of data which translates into possibility of storing thousands of films and hundreds of thousands of songs and photos. Furthermore, RAID technologies allow the safe storage and fast access to your data. The hours that the Home Server is not busy with your entertainment undertakes to perform maintenance tasks on your system (backup valuable data, calibration to achieve maximum speed, etc). Finally, the Home Server is the device of Xparity Digital Entertainment which assumes your system to communicate with the "outside world" allowing you remote control and managed (always safe) from your mobile or from your work.

Available in 2 colors: silver and black so it can be easily integrated into your space and to fit in with the rest of your devices. Note: if you want remote access to our system via mobile phone or internet, and when demand for digital content sharing across multiple rooms recommended the installation of Xparity Home Server. For cases that will set up a single system in a room the role of Home Server can play a Media PC.