Garden / Garaz / Outdoor


The Xparity with the package home automation products and services offers complete and automated control of your home's exteriors including garden and garage. Offer special services such as check exteriors and watering the garden and automation and lighting automation and security application in outdoor areas of your home.

The possibilities are practically limitless. Just some examples:

  • Check the watering your garden seasonal and based on weather conditions
  • Protect the plumbing of your home automatically once detected very low temperatures
  • Set to automatically close the main water supply of your residence when you leave
  • Check your garage from a distance as you approach it and set your House in order to welcome you (lighting, heating, blinds etc)
  • Check outdoor lighting based on the time, brightness or motion detection
  • Automatically Check the water temperature of your pool
  • Check your tents automatically depending on the Sun, the time of day or the intensity of the wind
  • Cover the outdoors with sound and images from surveillance cameras that can give insight into your home TV.
  • Cover your external spaces for security with motion detectors and add perimeter protection with curtain-type detectors.

And all above both locally and remotely from any computer connected to the internet or from your mobile.