The Xparity through Home Automation gives you the benefits and amenities of a modern lighting control system at a reasonable price and without the difficulties of complex controllers and complex programs.

With the automation of lighting Xparity Home Automation possibilities are limitless. Just a few of the things you can do is the following:
Illumination scenarios: With the push of a single switch control which lights will light up, which will fade throughout the House and lighting level. Want proper lighting for you to enjoy your favorite movie. With the opening of the TV automatically can be switched on or off certain lights or lowers/climbs the lighting level in the other. You want the proper lighting for a romantic dinner. With the flick of a switch is adjusted depending on the lighting (Central, ceiling, floor lamps etc) creating a romantic atmosphere.

Central control: from specific and designated points at home can be controlled all the lights. E.g. from the bedroom and with the flick of a switch off all the lights in the House or in a gate switch ensures the footing that all the House lights have been extinguished while leaving a predefined light (e.g. input) open.

Lighting control with motion detection. Once detected motion light up specific lights. Applications Unlimited. Light automatically lights on the runway or on the stairs only approach. Turns on the light in the garage just approach with your car or light entry once you approach the gate.

Lighting control with presence detection. Once detected presence in a room where the lights switch on preset brightness is not sufficient. The lights go out when the presence ceases on site. Applications start by auxiliary spaces (hallways, stairwells, wc etc) removing the need for 2-way switches and can extend to every area of the House is drastically reducing the number of required switches and fully automating the operation of lighting throughout the home. Compared with ordinary motion detectors presence detectors can perceive and very small movements while holding and brightness sensor to switch on the lights only when the brightness is lower than some predetermined level. Also many feature and feature light control to dimaroyn elegchoyn lights so that achieving the preset brightness designated for that particular site. In this way we have at any time in any place suitable lighting when it takes achieving comfort and economy.

Complete lighting solution exteriors so based on predefined scripts and schedules and based on motion detection. In addition to the installation of devices for weather station we can fully automate the operation of outdoor lighting depending on external brightness (evening, night, Dawn etc).

Full control of lighting scenarios and of the remote control of your electronic devices (TV, Hi-Fi etc)

Full control both locally and remotely from the Office or your mobile phone. Additional full integration with Digital Entertainment for complete control of your TV screen. Additional full integration with Digital Entertainment for complete control of the lighting from the screen of your TV.

All of the above and much more are offered both in ready homes and houses under construction.