Photos and Personal Videos


Photos and personal video is your digital memories and each day that passes your life fills with more and more of them. The Xparity Digital Entertainment offers you the ultimate experience in managing these memories by converting the game to view, organize, and share photos and personal videos with your friends and family. With the Xparity Digital Entertainment you can share your memories through the most important screen of your home: the TV.

Want to see photos from your holidays? In the past this was a complicated process that require either looking heaps of albums and your photos or folders of your computer. Picture Library of Media PC though gives you easy access to your digital photos from the comfort of your couch and with the help of remote control of the TV. With the push of a button you can relive and share all your memories either by topic or by date and to add comments to each photo or group of photos that will help you to remember.

The Xparity Digital Entertainment, however, does not stop here. Upgrades and viewed your photos allowing you to see through impressive slide-shows with stunning effects and always in high definition on your TV. And if a friend you impressed with the slide-show with the push of a button of the switch to a DVD to enjoy him in his house. It also allows you to convert your TV to an impressive array of subject matter may change constantly giving separate color at the salon or in your play room.

Finally the Xparity Digital Entertainment gives you the opportunity to improve or fix some of your photos always with the remote control and always from the comfort of your couch.

Personal Video
The Video Library of Media PC all video memories lie at one point – easily accessible. Media PC "looks" within your personal video and finds a representative image used as a thumbnail (thumbnail) making it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

The Xparity Digital Entertainment also gives you the ability to edit high-definition personal video (high definition). Use the Media PC to share your own creations in high definition with the rest of your family. Who knows? A prospective filmmaker can reside among you!