Every experience fun and entertainment is incomplete without television program. In Xparity we know it well and through the Xparity Digital Entertainment we offer you a unique quality and features television experience. 
Imagine sitting comfortably on your couch to enjoy your favorite television program which planned to write because you were away on a trip. Imagine being able to schedule the recording of the football match of your favorite team from your mobile phone while you are enjoying your holidays. With the Xparity Digital Entertainment possibilities are limitless and always have some exciting television program to enjoy! 
In addition, with the Xparity Digital Entertainment you can now officially to throw away the VCR or DVD-R Media with your PC you can digitally track, pause and record live TV!!! The phone rang while watching live football match of your favorite team? No problem! Press pause and just hang you press play and continue being viewed from where you left off! You have an appointment and must be leaving home while watching your favorite TV series? No problem! Press rec and the rest of the program will be stored on the Home Server and will be waiting for you to enjoy when you return from whichever room you wish! You're at work while your favorite documentaries of interest? No problem! Planning register and it will be waiting for you to enjoy whenever you want. And if you forget to plan and you are away from your home? Again no problem! Arrange a subscription from your mobile phone! 
The Xparity Digital Entertainment allows you to burn your favorite shows on DVD. You simply select the show you want to burn it to DVD, add whatever content you wish (personal video, music or pictures) and the Media PC takes care of the rest!