The Xparity with the Home Automation offers you a complete and automated control of rolls of awnings and storiwn of your home. Offered centralised control, involvement in a scenarios and automated operation based on the prevailing environmental conditions. And most importantly: the above solutions are offered both in finished houses without masonry work, skapsimata and new wiring and houses under construction.

Central control: you want from your bed along with lighting you can check and the rolls, awnings and blinds? No problem! With the flick of a switch you can achieve the simultaneous opening and closing all the rolling shutters and awnings of the House. You want your home leaving you with the touch of a single switch to turn off all the rolls of the House? With the Xparity Home Automation control Central each scenario is doable!

Automated operation: you want your tents be downloaded automatically when you have Sun and soar when it is cloudy or when sunset? You want to be able to protect the canvas of your home when it is windy? The Xparity Home Automation can automatically adjust the functioning of awnings, rolling shutters and storiwn you depending on the prevailing environmental conditions offering you convenience and comfort.

Scenarios: The awnings, roller shutters and blinds in your House can now participate in automation scenarios contributing along with the automation of lighting to create the ideal atmosphere in every room of your home depending on the circumstance. You want e.g. you can enjoy your favorite movie on your projector? With the opening of the projector from your couch with the remote control can automatically be configured to shut the room rolls achieving with the push of a button the required blackout.